Together, Let's Tackle Diabetes-Related Amputations in Communities of Color 

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Complex diabetes is a relentless adversary, especially in communities of color, where it often leads to an increased risk of limb loss. Its complexity demands our unwavering attention and proactive measures. Our informative eBook offers a beacon of hope — insightful strategies and best practices designed to empower healthcare providers, patients, and health plans.

Why This eBook?

  • Discover key factors contributing to higher rates of amputations in communities of color.
  • Understand fundamental impact of social determinants of health (SDoH) in this matter.
  • Learn proactive measures for healthcare providers and insights for payors to aid in amputation prevention.
  • Apply practical steps for patients and families to maximize clinical interactions and visits.

Who can benefit?

  • Healthcare Professionals seeking to reduce amputations among patients of color and enhance outcomes
  • Health Plans dedicated to improving care for vulnerable populations
  • Patients and loved ones looking for tangible ways to combat diabetes-related limb loss and empower their healthcare journey

You can turn the page on diabetes-related amputations. Your role is crucial — whether you’re a healthcare provider, payor, or an individual living with complex diabetes and facing diabetic foot complications. It’s time to harness the collective power of knowledge and action.