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Together, we can help you set new standards in preventive care for diabetic foot complications. 

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We choose innovation.
Not amputations.

Diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs) cost billions of dollars and millions of limbs each year.1 Podimetrics helps prevent diabetic foot complications before they start with clinically-proven technologies and customizable, human-to-human support.

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Merge value-based care with reliable technology backed by clinical research.

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Stop the spiraling costs of diabetic foot complications.

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Protect your foot health, mobility and quality of life.

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What we do

How We Support Diabetic Foot Complications

Diabetic foot complications and amputations are a huge problem in the U.S. However, we can empower patients with advanced diabetes to manage their foot health and mobility. Watch this video to learn how we help prevent unnecessary amputations by combining patient-friendly technology, clinical intervention, and human support.

How Podimetrics Works

Working in conjunction with providers, Podimetrics provides a simple, in-home touchpoint to help stop diabetic foot complications.

Patients with advanced diabetes step on their in-home SmartMat™ for just 20 seconds a day.

Podimetrics does the rest:

Monitor foot temperature over time

Alert to early signs of inflammation

Rapidly respond to help reduce inflammation before complications start

Support patients and their providers, every step of the way

We choose hope.

We’re Podimetrics. A company of healthcare professionals, technologists and deeply caring mavericks. We choose freedom over fear of losing a limb. We choose to help save both mobility and billions in healthcare costs.

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DFUs = #1 cause of lower extremity amputations1

A single amputation can cost up to $100,000

To Hope

90% fewer severe DFUs3

71% reduction in all diabetic amputations

Spending millions on diabetic foot complications is not a solution. Podimetrics is.

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1. American Diabetes Association. The Cost of Diabetes.